Five Tips on How to Improve Your Writing Skill in Academic Essay

Five Tips on How to Improve Your Writing Skill in Academic Essay – When you are fresh students and you need to learn more how to write a good essay. below are some tips that you could use to improve your writing skill in an academic essay.
– Find the Topic and Brainstorm the Outline
When you want to write an essay, the first thing that you should know is to choose the topic. It should be interesting and still in the scope of the subject given. after you know the topic, next step that you need to do is to make the basic outline which consists of introduction, body and conclusion. When you have already the outline from the topic, it will make it easier for you to write and not go too long into only one part of the essay.

– Spend Time for Research
A good essay should give lots of evidence in the body. For example, if the subject of your essay is about World War II, you will need to spend the time to do some research on this subject. You cannot write an essay based on your imagination or what you have heard before. It is important that you gave the true facts with the written proof in your academic essay,

– Check the Word Choice, Grammar and Punctuation
Make sure that you understand the basic grammar and know how to use the punctuation. Don’t use complicated words when you don’t know exactly the meaning or when to use that words. It is also a common rule in the academic essay to use more active instead of passive voice. You can also double check your work with the grammar application checker that is nowadays available on the internet.

– Give Proper Conclusion
Most students often forget the importance of this part since they feel that they have written a nice introduction and body of the essay. Writing proper conclusion is essential since it is to summarize what you write in the body of the essay and ties all of the evidence that you obtain from the research. Don’t do a copy-paste from several parts of your essay.

– Read Lots of References
In order to know more, you will need to read more. This statement also being applied to writing an essay. Go to your school or public library and read lots of other’s essays for your references. Make notes on how other write their essays. You can analyse the style, the arguments, and the technique of the other writers.

It is important to keep your essay to be original and unique. Hopefully, the five tips above could be useful for your next essay homework.