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Four Common Mistake in Writing Essay

Students usually facing the difficulties when writing the essay, either is for their homework or for the admission college. These are four common mistakes that usually happened in writing an essay.

Wrong Topic
You couldn’t write an essay that is too personal and make your professor frowned when reading your essay because you are revealing too much information. For example, the topic of the essay asking the students to write the danger of drugs and you will use your own experience and put it in detail in your essay. Choose also the topic that is not too off from the subject that has given. When the subject is about the telecommunication, for sure your professor doesn’t want to read about your long-distance relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend and how you use the current communication technology to talk to each other.

Too Boring
You also don’t want to write an essay that is too boring and make people fall asleep when they read it. Especially if the essay that you write is for admission college, you need to give the well written with an interesting topic to the university that you are applying. Try always being sharp in your writing and don’t write something that is unnecessary. Once you have finished your essay, read it out loud and think if it makes sense to you.

Ungrammatically Correct
Many people feel when they write their essay, they just need to see the blue or red underline in their Microsoft word and fix it and done. We need to use the installed application to check thoroughly to our essay to find if there’s any spelling mistake, comma misuse, sentence fragments, words choice and many more. if you feel that you have been struggling with this, it is recommended for you to install the grammar application checker.

Four Common Mistake in Writing Essay

Doesn’t Show Your Personality
When it comes to writing an essay for admission college, you will need to show about your personality in the paper. You will need to sell yourself to the university by showing why they need to choose you not others. The essay must be unique and represent yourself. But, if it comes to the academic essay writing, you will need to make sure first if the professor wants you to write about your opinion regarding the certain given topic.

So, when you know already the common Mistakes on Writing an Essay, you could then avoid these mistakes and try to make your essay based on the instructions that are given. Good luck with writing your essay!

Tips on Writing a Pros and Cons Essay

Tips on Writing a Pros and Cons Essay – One of the essays that commonly asked as a task is a pros and cons essay. the purpose of this essay is to give positive and negative information to the reader about the topic given. these are several tips that you could use to write a pros and cons essay.

Do Your Research
This is important in all of the essays that you need to write. You will need to do a research in order to understand the topic that you will need to write. You could go online to get more information about the topic, go to the library to find more information or use the previous essay with the same topic as your reference.

Brainstorm and Make Your List
Once you have known regarding the topic, you will need to make the outline of your essay that consists of Introduction, Body and Conclusion. You could write down first the list of pros and cons of the topic given before you develop it into a sentence. It will make your essay will look well written and focus on what you need to write.

Don’t Put Too Long Introduction
Your first part must consist of a brief introduction and information about the topic that you are going to write. You also could start the introduction with giving example situation that refers to the topic or giving rhetoric questions to the reader about the topic.

Start with The Pros First
When you write the body of your essay, you should start first with the positive views of the topic and giving the facts why the readers can agree with the topic given. the second part will be the cons which you will need to write in contrast to the positive points. In other words, the cons part should against the pros part. You can write it point by point or you could put it in the paragraphs. The advantages should be separated paragraphs with the disadvantages.

Try to Avoid Using Opinion Words
When writing the essay, you will need to avoid using words such as I think, I feel, I believe, etc. You could state your opinion in the conclusion part if it’s being asked in the instruction when you get this task.

To sum up, to make a good pros and cons essay, you will need to do research first to understand the topic, make the outline that consists of the list of pros and cons and develop your essay with the balance portion of Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

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